Bowling Park Primary’s statement amid headteacher’s leave of absence

Matthew Langley, head at Bowling Park Primary, has been absent from the school for several weeks, according to a petition set up by worried parents.

The petition says Mr Langley is a “pillar of the community who has transformed the school to an exceptionally high standard”.

Exceed Academies Trust, which runs the multi-site primary, confirmed Mr Langley is not currently at the school.

The trust said it could not comment on why that is the case, due to “regulations and agreements relating to issues of confidentiality”.

The Trust also confirmed Mr Tim Philips (Deputy Headteacher) has stepped in for Mr Langley as acting headteacher.

A letter was sent out today to parents at the school by Exceed Academies Trust Chief Executive Officer Duncan Jacques CBE.

It read: “Bowling Park Primary School and Exceed Academies Trust have received several enquiries regarding Mr Matthew Langley’s (Headteacher) continued Leave of Absence from school.

“We understand that pupils, parents, and staff are concerned about the situation.

“I can assure you that the Trust, as Mr Langley’s employer, has been in regular communication with both Mr Langley and his Trade Union representative during his period of leave and we have agreed to only comment on the fact that Mr Langley is not at school at this time.

“Whilst this may be a source of frustration to all parties there is simply nothing else we can comment upon due to regulations and agreements relating to issues of confidentiality which are designed to protect individuals from public speculation, any false or malicious allegations or any potential defamation of character.

“Mr Langley’s continued absence is, therefore, a confidential matter between himself and his employer and I, therefore, urge anyone [to]… wait for an official statement which we will issue as soon as we are able.

“In the absence of the headteacher, Mr Tim Philips (Deputy Headteacher) has stepped in for Mr Langley as acting headteacher.

“This is the normal process when any school finds itself for a prolonged period without a headteacher.

“Mr Philips and the Senior Leadership Team at the school are ensuring that in Mr Langley’s absence, the school continues to function effectively and that the education of its pupils is unaffected by the current situation.”

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