Build Unlimited Goodwill For Your Trade By Helping Local Community


Here is the “special” ad package we are offering to help you and your local community, it’s a win win situation for all. It is our amazing advertising & community support package.

Get a full trade listing for 12 months that you can activate when you like


Here are the benefits:

  • Self-Loading platform
  • 1-5 Images can be added
  • Change your ads as often as you like throughout the 12 months
  • Have a Google map feature
  • Just £40 for 12 months’ worth of advertising
  • You can promote your business on our Facebook page
  • You can list your business for FREE on our events page
  • FREE News listing, if you have News that you would like to announce


PLUS A BIG sliding banner ad for 6 months

Get a FREE BIG sliding banner on our Home page

We will display this for you for 6 months and you can activate it when you like.


PLUS A FREE special “Congratulations” banner message.

Take a look at BIG Sliding Banner on homepage visit This within BD postcode area will have unlimited “Good Will” impact as people will not forget those trades & businesses that helped during the lockdown.

This special Congratulations banner message will stay live for 6 months as well.


All of this for just £40 and we will donate £20 to the local support group within BD postcode area, supporting people that matter in BD postcode area. This is a way to advertise your business (activate the ad when you like) also helping your local community and build your good will throughout BD postcode area.

 To take up this “special” ad package simply go to the Traders tab

Then go to Create a listing button

Or if you have any question or you need ANY help contact me via contact us page or click the Whatsapp icon at the top of this page. We also provide all these other services as well for all the Trades 

Please stay safe and we look forward to advertising your business and helping your support your local community.