Mother’s relief daughter at home before Asda carjacking attempt

A YOUNG mother has revealed her relief that she had not taken her baby daughter shopping when two teenagers tried to carjack her.

Kayleigh Ogden, 23, has urged the suspects to “just get a job” after suffering the terror of an attempted robbery in Asda car park, off Rooley Lane, last week.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said officers were called to reports of a group of male suspects, believed to be aged between 15 and 18-years-old, approaching a female victim and demanding her bag and keys at the supermarket car park on Thursday, November 19.

Mrs Ogden was on her own, but said she would usually have taken her eight-and-a-half month old daughter with her.

She added: “I went into Asda, and they didn’t have what I needed so I came out and didn’t see them, but apparently they had been hovering around where the trollies are.

“On the driver’s door, I was only just getting in, I had one leg in and one leg out.

“One said, ‘give me your keys’.

“The other guy came to the passenger door to push me out to the other guy.

“I started screaming.”

Mrs Ogden revealed adrenaline was running through her veins at that point and she refused to hand over her keys.

She screamed so loud as terror and panic took over that she has lost her voice.

Thankfully, her attempts at making herself as noticeable as possible worked, as a police officer on duty at the time rushed to help, as did members of the public and three Asda security staff on the door.

Mrs Ogden said: “A police officer on duty came over and must have chased them off.

“I thought they’d got my purse, obviously I didn’t see one of the guys, but luckily when I went back in, my purse was still there.

“I saw their hand, the person at the passenger’s side, on the chair, so I wasn’t sure if they had taken something or were using it for their weight.

“People chased after them as well.”

A spokesperson for Asda said: “We are aware of an incident which occurred in the carpark of our Bradford superstore yesterday (Thursday, November 19).

“The car park is fully covered by CCTV and we are working with the police in their enquiries.’’

Mrs Ogden admits she is baffled that the suspects can live with themselves.

She said: ““If it was my kid, I would be devastated.

“They’re going to sleep at night, and I don’t know how they can put their head down.

“They just need to get a job.”

Police enquiries are ongoing into the attempted robbery.

Anyone who witnessed anything, or has any further information, should contact the police on 101, or using the reporting options on the West Yorkshire Police website.

You should quote crime reference number: 13200580726.

Information can also be passed to Crimestoppers anonymously on: 0800 555 111.

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