WATCH: CCTV shows moment Dawn’s Bargain Meat Packs ram-raided

THE T&A has been sent CCTV footage of the shocking moment a butchers was ram-raided and a suspect shouts “wrong one”.

Silsden Butchers & Dawn’s Bargain Meat Packs, in Thackley Court, Shipley, was left in a complete mess late last night after it was ram-raided by a grey Mazda.

The butchers, which is based in a unit with a large metal-panelled delivery door and a normal walk-in door, posted an appeal for information yesterday after the premises were completely destroyed.

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Since then, a video has emerged of the ram-raid taking place.

The footage is from the unit next door to the butchers, where Adaptive Control Solutions, Automation Specialists, is based.

The ram-raid began at around 8.21pm yesterday evening.

A car pulls onto Thackley Court, turning right from Thackley Old Road, and looks to be heading towards the butchers unit.

But it then swings round sharply to the right and pulls up next to a parked lorry, outside a unit opposite the butchers and facing away from it.

Two individuals get out of the back of the car.

After a few seconds, the driver of the vehicle begins to rev the engine and reverses hard into a unit delivery door, clipping a yellow bollard at the side just before making contact.

On the footage’s audio, there is a loud crash as the car collides with the door and a large cloud of dust emanates into the air from below the camera.

A suspect then runs over to the vehicle’s driver side and shouts through the window, “wrong one”.

It turns out the delivery door the car hit first belonged to Adaptive Control Solutions, Automation Specialists, according to the firm’s owner.

He said the suspects did not gain access to his unit.

The footage then shows the suspect who shouted at the car running out of the way, as the driver quickly accelerates forward, in preparation for going for the neighbouring large delivery door – belonging to the butchers.

The car comes to a stop near the parked up lorry again and after even more intense revving, the driver takes the vehicle backwards towards the door.

It smashes into the door, with even more ferocity than the first failed attempt, and the car ends up breaking through into the store.

The driver then moves forward slightly, as a suspect makes their way towards the unit, before the footage cuts off.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said officers were called to a ram-raid burglary at the butchers at around 8.29pm.

They added that money and computer equipment were stolen from the premises.

Officers found the Mazda later and seized it.

Dawn Brightwell, who owns the premises and runs the business, maintains that the store was targeted to stop her from trading.

Police enquiries into the ram-raid and destruction are ongoing.

Anyone with any information that could assist the investigation should contact the police via 101, or using the contact options on the West Yorkshire Police website.

You should quote crime reference number: 1320056611.

Information can also be passed to Crimestoppers anonymously on: 0800 555 111.

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